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Pack A 12 - 15 years old REMO

Basic junior pack with 4 pairs of mallets (marimba, timpani, xilo / multipercussion and snare drums), one PAD REMO and a very nice bag to keep all these pairs.

For older students or children who have grown faster (we consider between the ages of 12 and 15), with marimba and timpani mallets adapted in size.

The ranges are approximate, and in case of doubt, the teacher will be the best one to recommend the pack that every beginner percussionist needs. If the doubt persists, we recommend choosing the pack of 12-15 years.

Buying the pack you need, if you compare with the price that the mallets have separately, you get a 15% savings in the final price.

1 Pair marimba (bigger head)
1 Pair timpani (longer handle)
1 Pair xylo / multipercusión
1 Pair snare drum
1 Bag + 1 PAD REMO 8"